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We Finally Know Why Red Robin Is So Cheap

A Red Robin manager confirmed on a Reddit post that the chain’s bottomless fries come frozen to avoid the labor cost of making them from scratch. He further explained that the average Red Robin location receives 80 boxes of fries a week, each containing six 5-pound bags.

Frozen Fries

Red Robin does not hide the fact that Minute Maid Lemonade serves as the base for its refillable lemonade beverages. Minute Maid is reliable, easy-to-find, and a much cheaper alternative than the extra labor and ingredient charges of making fresh juice.

Minute Maid Lemonade

While Red Robin does offer gourmet options, many of its burgers actually come with American cheese. Although not technically a cheese per the FDA, American cheese is certainly the cheapest, and it's a standard in Red Robin’s affordable Tavern burgers.

American Cheese

The burger chain reuses its oil on a regular basis to preserve resources and keep prices low on their bottomless fries. Another reason behind the use of recycled oil is environmental, since not reusing the oil would generate large amounts of waste.

Reused Oil

Unlike its competitors, Red Robin places emphasis on reliable and consistent pricing over flashy markdowns. Despite increases in costs of ingredients, the chain maintains the same prices and portion sizes to keep customers coming back for the long run.

Consistent Prices