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We Tried Tim Hortons New Biebs Brew. Here's How
It Went

Canada's own Tim Hortons is one of the many internationally famous coffee chains in the U.S., and pop singer and fellow Canadian Justin Bieber can’t get enough of the coffee chain. They first collaborated in 2021, and this month, the coffee chain created a unique cold brew made with Bieber's favorite French vanilla flavor.

The Biebs Brew is made with bold and smooth Arabica beans used in Tim Hortons cold brew, with a delicately sweet French vanilla flavor and topped off with a pour of cream. Tim Hortons also offers 2% and skim milk, almond, coconut, and oat milk options as alternatives.

The Bieber-inspired drink ranges in price based on location, but the small tends to go for around $3.50, while the large usually goes for around $4.50. The Biebs Brew is currently being offered in Canada and the U.S. only — specifically in select stores in Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia — and it will likely last throughout the summer.

A small Biebs Brew has only 116 calories, but it is full of flavor and doesn’t taste watered down at all. It is strong but smooth, has no off-putting strong acidic or burnt flavor, and has the perfect amount of French vanilla.