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We Would Totally Eat Aldi's Irish Style Bangers for St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and if you’re bored of soda bread and corned beef hash every year, check out this “Aldi Find.” Aldi’s Parkview Irish Style Bangers come in two varieties: Original and Ale & Onion; they have sold for $3.89 in at least one location, making them an affordable option for an Irish supper.
You may be surprised by Aldi’s bangers’ softer texture, but that’s the signature difference between bangers and other types of sausage. That’s because bangers traditionally contain breadcrumbs and eggs in the filling, so the texture is different compared to sausages made of just meat.
These bangers can be served in traditional recipes like toad in the hole, the simmered stew Dublin coddle, or classic bangers and mash. You can even try a twist on bangers and mash by turning it into bangers with colcannon, an Irish dish of potatoes mashed with cabbage and leeks or green onions.