"Clio, Michigan, USA - March 7, 2012: The Wendy's location in Clio, Michigan. Founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas, Wendy's is a chain of fast food restaurants with over 6,600 locations in the US and abroad."

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Wendy's Hilariously Throws Shade At McDonald's Yet Again
Wendy's is known for their hilarious Twitter account where they throw shade at other fast food chains. After dissing McDonald’s for their droopy fries earlier, Wendy’s spicy Twitter account was back at it, and this time it went after McDonald’s soft-serves — or the lack thereof.
Wendy’s took a shot at Mickey D’s by tweeting a picture of a raccoon emerging from a dumpster with the caption, "walking outside after they say the ice cream machine's broken." McDonald’s infamous ice cream machines always seem to be broken, much to the chagrin of soft-serve lovers.
This recent roast isn’t the first time Wendy’s has gone after McDonald’s ice cream machines — having done so once before in 2017 during McDonald's Black Friday sale. While fixed ice cream machines at McDonald’s still seem like a distant dream, social media users are enjoying the latest jab.