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What A Typical Breakfast Looks Like In Spain
Spain has a rich cuisine, with classics like chilled gazpacho soup and the well-known Valencian paella. The country’s famous tapas bars — which offer a wide selection of food and drinks — are commonly enjoyed from late afternoon to late at night, but what do the Spanish have for breakfast?
Most Spaniards like to start their mornings with coffee and simple sandwiches called bocadillos, filled with anything from cheese and Spanish jamon (ham), to fish and vegetables. Another beloved item is the Spanish tortilla — an omelet made with a mixture of potatoes, eggs, and onions fried in olive oil.
There’s also the tostada or pan con tomate — a baguette drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, and rubbed with tomatoes. Lastly, it's hard to forget the warm and crispy churros, paired with hot chocolate for dipping, and washed down with a glass of orange juice or café con leche (coffee with milk).