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What Costco Customers Wish You'd Stop Doing With Your Carts
When Redditor u/molybdenum75 posted a request for people to park their carts in wider aisles and walk to what they need, stating, "Too many people bring their carts into small aisles, clogging them up," it sparked a lively conversation. Many users engaged in a series of tongue-in-cheek instructions on how to annoy their fellow shoppers in the best ways possible.
One recommended "turning your carts sideways across the aisle, preferably head to head," while another said they prefer to look for acquaintances with whom they can stand and talk for 45 minutes. However, some disagreed with the original post and questioned the logic of scattering abandoned carts throughout the store.
While one Redditor confessed that the thought of shoppers leaving their carts unattended gives them “the shakes," others noted that people with children or purses in their carts couldn't just walk away. Ultimately, R/c0demancer offered the wisest advice by suggesting that people stay with their carts but act in a mindful and courteous way by moving them when they get in the path of others.