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What Does It Mean To Get A Hot Dog 'Alligator' Style?
Hot dogs may not be the healthiest meal on the menu, but they can sure hit the spot. From New York System “hot wieners” in Rhode Island to Pink’s bigger-than-the-bun dogs, there’s a hot dog to cater to every taste, but one little-known variation is “alligator style.”
From your local diner to Major League Baseball parks, you’ll likely be able to get your hands on an “alligator style” hot dog, although the request is supposedly most popular in Ohio. “Alligator style” simply means a pickle spear is served next to the wiener right inside the bun — whether it’s by itself or amongst other toppings.
Adding a dill pickle spear isn’t exactly a unique idea when it comes to hot dogs, and if you’re familiar with the ever-popular Chicago-style hot dog, you’ll know a pickle spear is part of its appeal too. However, if you’re in Ohio, your “alligator style” hot dog will look a little different, with a pickle spear on a hot dog topped with chili cheese.