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What Gummy Bears Have To Do With Johnny Depp And Amber Heard's Trial
Amidst all the bizarre moments during Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial, eagle-eyed viewers noticed Depp bringing a stash of gummy bears to court. Images of Depp seated next to his fortuitously named lawyer, Benjamin Chew, while eating the candy have delighted fans on social media.
@SarahLynnVO tweeted, "Depp's team is clean and organized with GUMMY BEARS!" @theITW opined, "This is the kind of mood we want – #JohnnyDepp seen drawing and eating gummy bears during Amber Heard's defamation trial."
Depp has seemingly been channeling his inner Willy Wonka, as he also brought jelly beans to court. Per a video on Twitter, "Johnny Depp gave his head security [sic] what appears to be a piece of candy. I honestly believe he made a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory joke as well,” wrote the poster.
In yet another bizarre food moment in this trial, a strange exchange took place between Heard’s lawyer and a witness, involving muffins. The lengthy and contentious bakery back-and-forth prompted some people to call it “Muffingate,” while others drew parallels to the “Muffin Man” storyline from “Shrek.”