Eating Sushi With Cropsticks

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What Happened To Cropsticks After Shark Tank?
In 2017, Mylen Fe Yamamoto introduced Cropsticks during Season 8 of Shark Tank, where she asked for $75k in exchange for 12.5% equity. Although none of the Sharks took up the offer, Yamamoto didn’t give up on her dreams for Cropsticks, and has since expanded the brand.
Cropsticks are made using bamboo for a more sustainable product and provide a built-in stand to keep the chopsticks from rolling off a table. After the show, Yamamoto patented her creation in 2018, and struck deals with numerous big names, including Disney, The Four Seasons, and Walgreens.
Cropsticks holds a B Corp Certification, meaning the company has committed itself to accountability, transparency, and high environmental performance. In addition to bamboo chopsticks, which are sold in sample packs, single packs, and retail packs, Cropsticks also sells 6mm and 12mm bamboo fiber straws.
Besides food accessories, Cropsticks also sells a "Full Circle Sustainable Planter," which includes a ceramic pot and bamboo wall planter made from upcycled Cropsticks. The kit doesn't come with a live bamboo plant, but part of the proceeds are donated to Conservation International.