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What Happened To Cupbop After Shark Tank?
What do a former investment banker and a former break dancer have in common? Korean BBQ in a cup! Dok Kwon’s history in the financial sector and Jung Song’s former restaurant and street dancing experience made them a likely duo who expanded to 27 locations before taking their business, Cupbop, to the show “Shark Tank” in May 2022.
Song’s goal is to make Cupbop outgrow a place like Panda Express and be another great option in the fast food market propelled the business forward. Only owning half the company at the time of their appearance, Kwon and Song did a little dance before making their pitch and asking for $1 million for a 3% stake in the business, which shocked the sharks at first.
Mark Cuban thought the company needed better PR and marketing, and after explaining that he had the perfect "national platform" to help propel their business, the two accepted Cuban's offer of $1 million for a 5% ownership. Though no evidence shows they closed the deal with Mark Cuban, Cupbop seems on track with expansion.
They have opened nine more restaurants since the owners' appearance on Shark Tank. The newest location opened in Lehi, Utah, last month, offering people who turned up to the Grand Opening the chance to win "free Cupbop for a year" in addition to Cupbop swag and Korean corn dogs.