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What Happened To Fried Green Tomatoes After Shark Tank?
Fried Green Tomatoes founder Holly Cooper pitched her brand on “Shark Tank” and asked $200,000 for a 15% stake in her company, a food truck business that also sells its batter mix and secret sauce on store shelves. Barbara Corcoran negotiated a $200,000 deal with Cooper for a 30% stake in order to expand the products' reach into big box stores.
Although Cooper claimed that she wanted to franchise her food truck, two years later in 2022, the food truck only seems to visit areas in Tennessee, suggesting there's no fleet of food trucks franchised around the country. Cooper didn’t franchise any new truck other than the original truck, which is still up and running, but the pandemic may have played a role in the plan’s failure.
Cooper also wanted to see her Fried Green Tomatoes batter mix and secret sauce sold in big-box stores, but despite there being a “find stores” section on the website, you can’t actually search where the products are sold, and the products were not on the websites for Walmart, Target, Amazon, or Kroger. You can still buy them on the FGT website, and it’s entirely possible that Tennessee retailers carry the products in stores, just not online.