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What Happened To Numilk After Shark Tank?
The brainchild of Joe Savino, Ari Tolwan, and Lennie Friedman, Numilk is a durable machine that can make fresh, creamy almond milk right before a customer's eyes. Although the machine was implemented at several Whole Foods locations, the founders wanted a version that could be used at home.
In March 2021, four years after starting Numilk, Savino and Tolwan appeared on Season 12 of “Shark Tank,” asking for $1 million for 5% equity, and left with a $2 million deal from Mark Cuban. The company also has a Kickstarter page with 888 backers for its in-home product, with a waitlist on Numilk’s storefront for $249.
Since leaving the show, they have introduced Numilk Pro, specifically for restaurants and coffee shops, and the company is expected to be worth $55 million in 2022. However, Numilk announced on Instagram that it will discontinue its in-store machines, so customers will need to use Numilk Home and Numilk Pro.