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What Happened To Pizza Hut's Lunch Buffet (And Is It Still Found)
While Redditors claim there were operational Pizza Hut buffets in North Texas and Ohio as recently as one year ago, an overall trend exists: the restaurant chain is shrinking.
Nationwide, consumers have been trending away from buffet-style dining, now seen as unsanitary, uncool, and contrary to Instagrammable, customizable food culture.
With a wave of closures in 2020 due to the pandemic and pushes to delivery-only continuing to trend, buffets may be out of commission in the U.S., but the legend lives on abroad.
In 2015, Brazil saw the arrival of self-service Pizza Hut lunch buffets for the first time. Australia has the self-service unlimited option for 25 Australian dollars (about 17 U.S. dollars).
YouTube influencer Bec Hardgrave visited a dine-in location in Queensland and commented with nostalgia, "They haven't changed anything about it since I was about two years old."