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What Happened To This Beloved Bakery Item From Starbucks?

There's something particularly enjoyable about Starbucks’ almond croissants, from the way the soft pastry pulls apart to the crunch of the almonds as you bite into it, with the sweet almond paste in the middle as a tasty surprise. You can imagine how fans would react if anything happened to this beloved treat.

As of September 2022, Starbucks customers all over Reddit are discussing the almond croissant's mysterious disappearance from the coffee chain's menu. Sadly, a self-proclaimed Starbucks supervisor wrote in a comment, "It's been discontinued. They keep taking away every [thing] people actually like."

Fans immediately expressed frustration about the dearly departed almond croissant, and some suggested starting a petition to bring it back. There may be hope, since u/Ffierclaw, a Starbucks barista, claims that "They did take away and bring back the sausage, egg, and cheddar biscuit because a customer started a petition."