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What Is Flummery And Where Can You
Find It?
Fans of “The Prince” on HBO Max have been googling flummery, curious if it’s real — and where to find it if it is. This centuries-old dessert is still popular in New Zealand and Australia, and a modern day recipe exists that is easy to create.
Originally made with oatmeal and rose water and served with cream and honey, today’s flummery is much more convenient. A simple two-ingredient recipe can be dressed up with raspberry, strawberry, lemon, or the ever-popular lime.
There are many traditional flummery recipes that use soaked oats — and whiskey if you want the original Scottish version. An easier recipe simply calls for gelatin and evaporated milk, or a denser cream if desired.
This decadent dessert is definitely worth trying if you see it on a menu, or if you want to create a homemade version of your own. It is easy to make, and it’s the perfect treat to have as you dream of being royalty, fictional or real.