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What Is Prickly Pear And What Does It
Taste Like?
Prickly pear is a candy-sweet fruit found in the Western Hemisphere, and it is a part of multiple cuisines, being used in appetizers, salads, sauces, desserts, candies, and more. Because they’re cacti, the fruits are covered in sharp, barb-like splinters called glochids, so to remove the splinters, burn them off with an open flame, but remember to wear heavy gloves.
The prickly pear's flavor is best described as a fusion of watermelon and classic bubble gum that's not too strong but has the sufficient zest to make the fruit very delicious. The fruit is rich in vitamins and nutrients that are linked to reducing diabetes risk, maintaining cholesterol levels, and maybe even curing hangovers.
Its potassium content helps support good digestion and promotes cardiovascular and metabolic health, and its seeds are completely edible. The prickly pear is also used as an ingredient in some skincare, haircare, and beauty products.