english cucumber sandwiches


What Makes Traditional Cucumber Sandwiches Unique?
Cucumber sandwiches combine soft bread with cucumbers and herbs. While some prefer theirs free of embellishments, it's become popular to layer them with a thicker dressing.
During the Victorian era, cucumber sandwiches were a meal reserved for the upper class. As they spread around the world, variations came to include eggs, tuna, and cream cheese.
Traditional recipes use English cucumbers, which are long, seedless, and have thin skin. Slices are stacked on buttered white bread with a dash of salt and lemon juice.
Make sure your cucumbers are paper-thin. For more flavor, you can add other spreads such as Benedictine, tzatziki sauce, or a mayo-mustard-chive blend.
Once the sandwich is layered with all ingredients, including salt, pepper, dill, or lemon juice, smush them together and cut the crusts off so you're left with dainty triangles.