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What MasterChef Winner Dino Angelo Luciano Is Doing Now
MasterChef Season 8 winner Dino Angelo Luciano had the viewers' hearts from day one with his eccentric personality, laid-back persona, and top-tier kitchen skills. The former dancer's innovative dishes led him to take home the $250,000 prize. While he still remains a dance lover at heart, Luciano has taken up the chef's apron full-time.
In February 2020, Luciano discussed his experience as a vegan on a popular podcast and has lent a hand to a number of restaurants, helping them establish more vegan-friendly offerings, including The Farsides restaurant in Montreal, for which he helped develop a plant-based "Thaiwaiian" menu.
Montreal has been the source of many successes for Luciano, including the launch of Le Mariachi, a new restaurant that "takes a Californian vegan approach to Mexican cuisine", per TimeOut. Luciano has also made it his mission to ditch typical vegan stereotypes. Le Mariachi's menu may be meat-free, but there's no doubt you'll leave feeling absolutely stuffed.
In 2019, the amateur-turned-professional chef stepped onto the music scene with a hip-hop track, and is all set to join the cast in a short piece called “Tomorrow Will Be Better”. Luciano proudly calls himself a "mental health advocate" in his Instagram bio, an identity that he prioritizes over being a chef, and urges his followers to check in on one another.