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What MasterChef Winner Gerron Hurt Is Doing Now
“MasterChef” Season 9 winner Gerron Hurt has quickly built a career out of celebrity appearances and cooking classes all over the country. Additionally, he used his teaching experience to give lessons to kids aspiring to be chefs at Chicago’s Camp MasterChef, and he also won a cooking competition for Celebrity Day at the Track during Kentucky Derby Week.
Hurt and his fiancée Brandi Beckham returned to “MasterChef” to tie the knot on a Season 10 special with Gordon Ramsey officiating, and the 14 remaining contestants competed to cook up lobster and filet mignon for the reception. In October 2020, Hurt turned to Instagram to announce the birth of his first daughter, Harlee Michelle.
Hurt now owns and operates Family on a Plate LLC, which focuses on getting families cooking together in the kitchen. In 2019, he jumped headfirst into a lifelong cooking career by launching his Southern Ego food truck and received rave reviews about his hot fried chicken on Yelp, although Hurt was forced to close the truck and offer catering only amid the COVID-19 pandemic.