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What Really Happened To Bad Vegan's Sarma Melngailis

In 2016, celebrity chef Sarma Melngailis and her husband, Anthony Strangis, were charged with committing fraud worth nearly $2 million against investors and employees of Melngailis’ restaurant, Pure Food & Wine. The couple, who met online in 2011, were reportedly using the money to pay for personal luxuries.

Per an indictment, Melngailis allegedly took over $1.6 million from the restaurant, and Strangis blew $1.2 million of it at casinos. The two were finally apprehended in Tennessee, when a Domino’s delivery driver saw the couple after they reportedly ordered a non-vegan pizza and chicken wings.

Although Melngailis’ defense team tried suggesting that Strangis allegedly abused and manipulated her into obeying him, prosecutors still contended that Melngailis was a willing participant. The “Bad Vegan” trailer on Netflix also raises the possibility that Melngailis scammed Strangis before publicly blaming him.

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