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What Really Happens To Your Body When You Drink A Diet Coke?
Although a Diet Coke doesn't contain the calories like its sugary counterpart, it's bereft of any significant nutritional value. Moreover, long-term consumption of Diet Coke can lead to liver issues, high blood pressure, heart conditions, metabolic problems, increased chances of dementia and stroke, and other chronic health issues.
The soda starts attacking your tooth enamel within 10 minutes of consumption and it, being phosphorus-laden, weakens your bones by interfering with calcium absorption. The body goes into fat-storing mode after 20 minutes because artificial sweetener triggers insulin responses just like sugar used in regular Coca-Cola does.
After 40 minutes, your body starts to crave more sugar because of the burst of adrenaline (a short-term high) created due to the caffeine and aspartame combo. The craving can quickly become an addiction, which, per a 1994 study, could be due to the brain releasing two neurotransmitters — dopamine and glutamate.
After 60 minutes, it makes you feel more thirsty and hungry than before. The nutrient-less beverage depletes your body of essential minerals and increases your cravings for calories and sugar, making you turn to sugary junk foods and drinks. However, if you cannot control the temptation, the maximum amount of Diet Coke in a day should not exceed one glass.