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What Really Makes Ruth's Chris Steak House Steaks So Delicious
The Broiling Process
Every steak goes through a special infrared broiling process in a unique broiler designed by founder Ruth Fertel herself, a physics and chemistry degree holder. This type of broiler cooks steaks at an ultra-high temperature of 1,800 degrees, which “enriches those flavors” as per a former chef.
A Topping Of Butter
Every piece of steak has a generous portion of butter placed on top, not just to enhance the steak's flavor but also to make it more presentable. A former employee explained in a Quora thread that this tactic also adds to that sizzle factor the restaurant is known for.
The Aging Technique
Ruth's Chris has a standard wet-aging process that allows enzymes to break down, resulting in a more tender piece of steak. The meat is refrigerated, not frozen, for up to 28 days at a temperature designated by their culinary team and then immediately sealed to keep in all of the meat's juices.
Heated Plates
The hot plate technique is critical at Ruth's Chris Steak House. A Ruth's Chris employee explained on Reddit that they heat the plate "so the first bite is as hot as the last," and it also "stimulates the senses down to the sound of the sizzling butter on the plate."
USDA Prime
Ruth's Chris only serves USDA Prime cuts, which are the best possible beef quality as it is more tender than meats sold at the grocery stores. The chain sources its beef from cattle that start as grass-fed and then transition to corn-fed, a common practice of many cattle ranchers, as per PennState Extension.