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What Ree Drummond 'Missed The Most' About Filming With Her Crew
For 24 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ree Drummond’s cooking show "The Pioneer Woman" was filmed by her children using their iPhones. The Drummond family successfully shot and produced an impressive 70 episodes from their home, but now Ree is teaming back up with her UK-based TV crew — here’s what she had to say about the reunion.
In a July 2022 Instagram Story, Drummond shared a photo of herself and her film crew in "The Pioneer Woman" kitchen, with the caption, "The crew is back!" The star added that what she "missed the most" about filming with her British camera operators was doing "crossword puzzles with the crew in between recipes."
It's clear that Drummond cherishes the little moments she shares with her crew, and missed the camaraderie more than the camera work. The celeb chef also informed People that moving forward, "The Pioneer Woman" will be a "hybrid" between the show's earlier episodes and the more relaxed, family-centered version from the past 2 years.