A closeup of a slice of Swedish apple pie.


What Sets Apart Swedish Apple Pie From The Rest Of The Bushel?
Swedish apple pie is a delicious and classic dessert that shares many of the same ingredients as other pies except for the fact that it doesn’t use shortcrust or puff pastry.
Instead, it is more like a hybrid between a crumbly cake and streusel, which makes it less fussy to make. This makes it perfect even for amateur bakers to try.
The crust is part pie, cake, and crumble, made from sugar, flour, melted butter, egg, and a bit of salt. Some recipes also call for chopped walnuts or pecans.
The filling consists of apples, spices, and sugar. Cinnamon is in nearly all Swedish apple pie recipes, but cloves, nutmeg, and other sweet spices would pair beautifully with it.
The type of apple used in this recipe varies — some traditional ones simply call for "Swedish apples," which could refer to a variety of species such as Ingrid Marie or Akero.
In general, you want an apple that is tart, firm, and not too sweet. This includes baking varieties such as Granny Smiths, Honey Crisps, and Braeburns.
Swedish apple pie typically isn't served on its own. Instead, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, or vanilla sauce (a Swedish dessert sauce) is usually scooped or drizzled on top.