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What To Do If You Ever Hear A 'Code Blue' At Walmart
Although the Walmart team has a variety of coded announcements to communicate with each other, in an emergency, they use color codes rather than just stating the problem to reduce panic. According to a Redditor's experience, the 'code blue' announcement is the kind of alert that may potentially shut down the business for the day and dismiss staff.
A Redditor recalled how the 'code blue' announcement, which denotes a bomb threat, was made at their branch in 2017 before the doors were shut and the bomb squad was called. Employees must report to their superiors right away after the announcement of such a code, albeit it may be used with another directive to identify the threat's source.
In case an area is suspected to contain the explosive device, it needs to be evacuated while the authorities are summoned, although one commenter opined, “evacuation is probably based on threat credibility.” In case you ever hear this code, make sure not to panic or inform others of its true meaning, and instead, look for directions from the staff and act accordingly.