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What To Do If You Ever Hear A 'Code Green' At Walmart
Although the Walmart team has a variety of coded announcements to communicate with each other, in an emergency, the staff uses color codes to communicate the problem without causing panic. But what do you do if you’re on your shopping trip and hear a “code green” announcement over the speakers?
“Code green” means that there is a hostage situation in progress, and if you’re at Walmart when this code or any color code is announced, look to employees for instructions. Although your automatic response might be to panic, avoid running or shouting, and instead make your way calmly to an exit and let the employees direct you further.
Some Reddit users complained that announcing an emergency situation through coded messages is a waste of time, and Walmart should announce such situations directly. Others have reasoned that announcing such dangerous situations can cause widespread panic, so using codes makes the situation potentially safer and lets the employees respond accordingly.