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What To Do If You Ever Hear A 'Code Red' At Walmart
Whenever you hear “code red” being announced, you immediately think that it’s the worst possible emergency status or imminent and close danger that constitutes exigent circumstances. But what do you do if you're at a Walmart and you hear a "code red" announcement over the speakers?
While Walmart has various color codes for the staff to communicate with each other, ranging from security challenges to missing children, ‘code red’ to Walmart staff means fire. In case of a code red, the staff automatically reverts to emergency evacuation protocols to get all customers out of the store.
When this happens, it is your duty as a customer to find an exit and follow the instructions of the assisting staff; all employees will concentrate their efforts on evacuation procedures during this time. But code red isn't the chain's worst alarm; code black denotes impending catastrophic weather, while the mild-mannered code green denotes a hostage situation.