LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JUNE 29: Liquid Death booth as seen during Day 2 of the 35th Annual Nightclub & Bar Show and World Tea Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center on June 29, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for Nightclub & Bar Media Group)

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What To Know About Liquid Death Canned Water
Canned Water for Punks
The latest venture from Netflix’s creative director Mike Cessario, Liquid Death, stripped of all its "deadly” designs, is nothing more than water in a can. Despite Liquid Death’s marketing message — Punks need water, too — the brand is well aware of its “unnecessary approach to bottled water.”
Water, But Make it a Joke
Liquid Death claims conventional marketing for bottled water has become tiring, so they've opted to make their brand fun and sarcastic instead. Basically, Liquid Death is water for people who don't want to take their water so seriously, with marketing and branding that is just theatrics.
They Actually Recycle
In a strive to be better, Liquid Death guarantees its cans can be recycled after use, unlike most plastic water bottles. Liquid Death even created the "Loving Homes for Plastic" initiative that allows you to ship your Coca-Cola or Pepsi brand bottles to the respective company's headquarters.
Contradiction in a Can
According to The New Yorker, Liquid Death’s recyclable containers aren’t eco-friendly enough to make up for the environmental cost of freighting water all the way from the Austrian Alps. And while selling water is contradictory enough, Liquid Death hides this point behind jokes and gag products.
Water in a Costume
In the end, for all its punk-rock image and “stick to the man” attitude, Liquid Death isn't all that different from the water inside, say, a Fiji bottle — it's just water, dressed up. Ultimately, the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to drink water is to simply fill a reusable bottle.