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What You Can Use Instead Of Celery In Tuna Salad
Although celery may not have crisp flavors like pepper or ripe tomatoes, it is an essential ingredient for tuna salad giving it an added texture. But for those who are truly opposed to celery, or don't want the unused portion to be wasted, there are plenty of other ways to deliver that tasty crunch to your homemade tuna salad.
In fact, just about any other fresh, crisp vegetable will do. Kristine's Kitchen Blog recommends adding slices of carrots, chopped cucumber, or bell peppers to achieve that crunch, along with an extra punch of flavor.
If you want to make your tuna salad extra crunchy, a combination of carrots, onions, and minced fennel can add a little something special. And if you are not looking to just make your grandmother's tuna salad, cilantro, lime juice, minced red peppers, and minced jalapeño peppers deliver a tasty kick of both texture and heat.