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What You Didn't Know About The Golden Girls' Kitchen

The Golden Girls’ Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, and Rose were most of the time, if not always, in the kitchen area. Avid fans may have noticed that the layout of the set got different since it first started.

It turns out that the Devereaux home was not originally supposed to feature a kitchen, but script changes led to its addition. Jim Colucci's "Golden Girls Forever" shares that the original model consisted solely of Blanche's boudoir, the living room, and the lanai (House Beautiful).

The show also included a personal chef named “Coco” played by Charles Levin, but he only lasted one episode. The Atlantic shares that NBC decided the women were strong on their own, and Southern Living adds that "the producers thought a chef would detract from that camaraderie."

In addition, the set only included three chairs gathered around the kitchen table when there were four Golden Girls, and one had to be making tea or standing to the side. The reason is that a fourth chair would show the character’s back to the audience.