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What You Didn't Know About The In-N-Out Food Truck
Anyone who has the slightest idea of what In-N-Out is can tell you one thing — you're not going to find it everywhere. Although the chain is found almost exclusively in the West Coast, In-N-Out is revving up its engines to bring burgers to any event you want — but not without following certain criteria.
In-N-Out's Cookout Trucks serve mainly Los Angeles and Orange County, but also select spots in Ventura, Denver, Colorado Springs, San Bernardino, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This means that the In-N-Out team won’t haul its mobile kitchens to New York, Pennsylvania, or any other East Coast state.
If you do manage to get a Cookout Truck to your location, you may be a bit disappointed with the menu selection, as In-N-Out's trailers serve only burgers — no fries, no shakes, only burgers. You can, however, get hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and grilled cheese, so you’re not stuck with one item.