Vegetable oil in plastic bottle, corn oil for frying and cooking, isolated on white, clipping path


What You Should Do With Your Used Cooking Oil (Instead Of Throwing It Out)
In order not to be wasteful with your leftover used cooking oil, consider saving and reusing it. To do this, first ensure that it has completely cooled.
Once cool, strain out any stray bits of cooked breading or batter that may have dropped off your food as it was frying. Put it in a jar, cap it, and put it in the pantry.
The amount of times you can re-use oil depends on the oil type, the foods you've fried, and how hot the oil got. As long as it doesn't look or smell funny, you can use it.
Cooking oil can also be recycled for non-food purposes. Real DIYers can use it as lamp oil, furniture polish, leather conditioner, general lubricant, or even hair conditioner.