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Whatever Happened To Yogos?
Yogos by Kellogg’s were between fruity, yogurty, chewy candy, and wowed kids with catchy names like Berry-Berry Banana and Crazy Berries. Sadly, Yogos' time in the spotlight had to end after only 5 years since their debut in 2005, but despite only lasting for five years, these yogurty bites captivated snackers.
Kellogg's hasn't offered information on when these bites coming back, but hopefully the numerous petitions pining for Yogos will continue catching Kellogg's attention enough for them to reintroduce the tasty treat. Until then, you may come across a secret stash of Yogos Bits at places like Sam's Club, in which case you stock up quickly because they're on their way out.
Yogos Bits were introduced near the end of Yogos' lifetime but were discontinued shortly afterwards. While the chances of finding the now prized Yogos for sale are rare, some similar snacks have popped up, like Welch's Fruit Snacks released a snack that is reminiscent of the extinct Yogos. Although they do not fill the void that Yogos left, it’ll make the fans certainly happier.