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What’s Up With Dollar Tree’s Donald Duck Juice?
Food plays a large role in the Disney empire, especially in its theme parks where specially designed food and drink helps to immerse guests and provide unique experiences. But did you know you can find licensed Disney Donald Duck orange juice at your own neighborhood Dollar Tree?
Introduced in 1941, the Donald Duck juice brand is produced by Citrus World Inc. in Lake Wales, Florida. The company has a licensing agreement with Disney, and spokesman Walt Lincer stated in the 1980s that seeing Donald’s face on products was a sign of quality and “instant recognition.”
The Donald Duck orange juice has received generally positive reviews, with some praising it for not being “too sweet” and tasting like “real oranges,” though some customers complain of a “weird aftertaste.” There is a wide variety of Donald Duck juices, including apple, grape, and kiwi strawberry.