A bowl of mashed potatoes.


When Life Hands You Leftover Mashed Potatoes, Make Tacos
It’s an all too common occurrence to make extra mashed potatoes by accident, but there’s a classic and delicious way to repurpose them thanks to the existence of the potato taco.
The potato taco, or taco de papa, originated in Mexico and is commonly eaten as a vegetarian option during Lent. They’re easy to make and pack loads of flavor.
The first step is to add some spices to your mashed potatoes. While the classic choice is cumin, others like pepper, onion powder, and paprika are welcome to join the mix.
Mix in a grated cheese like cheddar or a Mexican blend, and then add the mixture inside corn tortillas. Fold them shut and shallow-fry until crispy before adding your toppings.
If you feel like taking this recipe above and beyond, an array of accompaniments make great additions, and it's easy to stick with vegetarian options while still adding nutrients.
Consider adding soy chorizo or beans for more protein. Spooning some pico de gallo, salsa, or chopped cilantro directly inside the taco also helps add a kick of flavor.