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White Castle Just Rolled Out A Brand-New Way To Enjoy Its Classic Sliders
Have you ever looked at a slider and felt sick of those miniature hamburgers looking exactly the same? Even if you haven’t, folks at White Castle thought about it and “remodeled” their classic sliders into something that would be both unique and convenient for its customers.
Castle Bites — which are basically pockets made of buttery crust, stuffed with beef and onions like regular White Castle sliders — were released by White Castle in collaboration with frozen food purveyor Bellisio Foods. Both companies seem optimistic about the product, referring to their previous collaboration to release the chain's chicken rings in stores.
The Castle Bites, which are coming in hamburger and cheeseburger flavors, will be on offer at grocery stores across the country. If the Castle Bites sound familiar, it’s probably because you remember Totino’s cheeseburger-flavored pizza rolls from 2019 or the 2010 Hot Pocket “SlideShots,” which were small buns stuffed with meat and cheese.