Traditional White Castle restaurant sign in an outdoor parking lot

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White Castle Wants To Help Save A Tiny Abandoned White Castle
White Castle’s doppelganger is on a farm property in Kansas, which is also where the very first White Castle was built in 1921. The long-abandoned structure came with the property Ada and Robert Sutherland purchased in 2018, and now, the White Castle restaurant chain is considering stepping in to help preserve it.
The Wichita Eagle claims the structure was built in Wichita in the 1930s as a portable diner, but was relocated to the Sutherlands’ farm in Butler County by the previous land’s owner. It sits 20 feet wide, 20 feet long, and 15 feet tall, and inside, you'll find stools and a counter where burgers were once served.
Unable to renovate it themselves, the Sutherlands listed the castle on Facebook Marketplace for free, and White Castle took notice, saying they want to "preserve this history and source of good memories," (via The Wichita Eagle). This preservation would involve relocating the castle to a historical society or museum.