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Why A Restaurant Called Out A Man's Relationship Status For A 1-Star Review
A client who had visited Edgewater’s Le Jardin, a then-popular French restaurant known for its thrilling views of the Hudson River, left a scathing review, claiming, “Horrible experience. Went here for an anniversary, my wife's food had a hair in it [...] I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.” Here’s the surprising (and impolite) way the restaurant responded to the review.
Le Jardin's social media account snapped back with a screenshot of the customer’s profile and the response, “Anniversary??? Wife??? But [redacted], your profile says that you are single!” Not one to back down, the client replied, “My relationship life doesn't revolve around my Facebook status,” but Le Jardin was relentless.
The restaurant attached a screenshot of the client’s post from six months earlier that read, “There's nothing like these New Jersey and New York women.” The client’s relationship status was made into a laughing stock by Le Jardin, but one commenter sided with him, saying, “That's actually a lame answer [...] It has nothing to do with the complaint.”
The restaurant was unprofessional in the way they handled the situation, and they did have multiple negative reviews on their Yelp page alleging rude behavior, bad food and disdainful remarks from the company. However, it seems the client got the last laugh because Le Jardin had to close in 2019, after a 20-year run.