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Why A Starbucks Worker Was Caught Off Guard By An 11-Year-Old's Drink Order

Starbucks patrons love to customize their drinks, and sometimes they look nothing like the original drink. One young customer’s chosen drink shocked a Starbucks barista and caught the attention of the Reddit world.

According to the baffled Starbucks barista, an 11-year-old girl walked in asking for a drink she saw on TikTok called “liquid cocaine.” This strong drink is made with "four shots [of espresso] with four pumps of white mocha over ice,” which is very popular among Vietnamese customers.

In a different Reddit thread, a barista claimed that the drink is “supposed to emulate a [cà phê sữa đá] or Vietnamese coffee, a strong single serve iced coffee with condensed milk.” Although Starbucks does not officially sell Vietnamese coffee, the “liquid cocaine” drink comes close.