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Why Adam Richman Thinks One Restaurant Cheated On Man V Food
While the former "Man v Food" host Adam Richman has taken on many heat-based challenges in his day, there was one that stood out above all the rest, and not in a good way. Richman stands by the fact that the restaurant behind this heat challenge cheated their way to victory.
The heat challenge took place at the Munchies 420 Café in Sarasota, Florida. Known as the "Fire In Your Hole" heat challenge, each contestant has to eat 10 spicy wings slathered in a deadly dose of ghost chili extract. To make matters worse, participating contestants cannot drink milk or water during the challenge.
This was the only challenge that Richman lost against a spicy food on “Man V Food”. The former TV host explained the several reasons that made him angry. He had overheard the chef and staff members whisper about their plan to alter the challenge for Richman by dousing the wings with a whole bottle of ghost chili extract.
Richman said, "I was so jacked up in the bathroom of the place that my tongue had swollen, my nasal passages had swollen" He explained two other common uses for ghost chili extracts. This lethal chili is used as a method to ward off wild elephants and it is also used as an ingredient in Indian police grenades.