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Why Aldi Shoppers Say You Should Always Check Your Receipt

Overcharging is such a hassle for grocery shoppers, including Aldi shoppers. Once, an Aldi customer paid for 33 punnets of strawberries instead of three, while other customers have been charged for items they bought weeks prior.

Many have posted their misfortunes on social media and advised fellow shoppers to always check the receipts. According to Aldi associates, most of these cases are due to cash-register system issues, and they are always ready to rectify the problem.

In a statement responding to those cases, an Aldi spokesperson encouraged customers to bring the receipt to the local store for a refund. An Aldi associate commented on Reddit that it would be “easier to do while you're still on the property with receipt in hand."

Government agencies, like the Department of Consumer Affairs in New York, are also helping consumers avoid these problems by ensuring they are charged the correct price. They conduct random inspections involving select groceries and see what the cashier rings up.

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