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Why Aldi's Potato Salad Is 'Inedible,' According To Reddit
There are plenty of Aldi products that have a cult following, and their potato salad isn’t one of them, according to Reddit. It seems that many users on Reddit were offended by the store’s potato salad, describing it as "disgustingly sweet" and "basically inedible."
One Redditor chalked the sweetness up to unnecessary sugar, saying that potato salad doesn't need sugar, but store-bought salads typically add it anyway. Other Redditors, however, noted that Aldi's coleslaw, tuna salad, and chicken salad were similarly sweet.
If you do buy a too-sweet potato salad from your local grocery store, you can tone down the sweetness by adding a splash of vinegar to it. To make the potato salad taste less store-bought and more your own, you can also add salt and pepper, celery, or fresh dill.