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Why Are Costco Lobster Rolls So Hyped Up?

Costco’s lobster rolls are making a splash this summer, and while it makes sense to be skeptical of frozen lobster rolls, there’s a reason Costco’s are so hyped up.

One YouTube reviewer described the Pepper’s Landing Lobster Co. East Coast Seafood Lobster Rolls as “nice and crispy,” and at $10 per roll, they’re incredibly affordable.

The secret lies in the packaging. Everything in the box — brioche buns, a spice packet, lobster meat, and seasoned lobster butter — are packed separately to ensure freshness.

The buns are toasted, while the lobster is reheated in melted butter with spices. “I would never in a million years guess that this was frozen,” said one TikTok reviewer.

To keep prices down, Costco’s lobster rolls contain exclusively claw and knuckle meat. However, since the rolls are tossed in spiced lobster butter, they are still very flavorful.

With the comparatively low price, the excellent quality of the ingredients, and the great taste, reviewers seem to agree that Costco’s lobster rolls are worth the hype.