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Why Bobby Flay Doesn't Care About Authenticity At His Restaurants
Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is known to cook whatever he feels passionate about at the moment. Flay’s latest restaurant, Amalfi in Las Vegas, celebrates the flavors of Italy’s Amalfi coast, but with a Bobby Flay twist.
Although authenticity is crucial to many chefs, Flay doesn’t strive to create authentic dishes from other cultures. Instead, Flay creates his own version of a dish, drawing inspiration from travels or meeting with a particular chef, saying that he goes into each meal hoping to be ”blown away,” and draws inspiration when he is.
Flay wants every dish that is served at his restaurant to be authentically Bobby Flay, which is why he creates every single menu item. People may assume that a popular chef of his stature might only cook on TV, but Flay has stressed that he is first and foremost a chef, irrespective of where he is.