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Why Chef Darren McGrady Made 150 Plates Of Food For The Queen

No celebration is complete without a feast, and as we know from Hollywood depictions of Britain's royal family, the staff of English monarchs certainly know how to prepare a table with all manner of first-rate victuals. When asked about past royal banquet events, former royal chef Darren McGrady told The Scottish Sun that making dinner was no simple affair.

McGrady, who served as England's royal chef for 15 years, said that "there were no food tasters" involved in the meal prep process, so his staff would whip up to 150 at times. The Queen's page would pick one at random, "that way," explained McGrady, "if you were to tamper with the food you would have to tamper with all of them."

Furthermore, if his team wanted to try out a new recipe, they would have to run it by the Queen first. It seems cooking for the Queen can be quite difficult, as a queen can never be too careful.