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Why Chris Santos Loves Being A Chopped Judge


From working in restaurants since he was 13 to discovering different cuisines from around the world, Chris Santos has learned a lot about food. Per an interview with Food Network, Santos says he’s still learning even as a judge on “Chopped.”

Santos says, “"I've done over a hundred episodes now, and I don't think there's been one day where I've ever gone in and I haven't learned something. I either learn something listening to my fellow judges talk about a dish or an ingredient, or I learn something from chefs in the way they make food."

Fellow "Chopped" judge Alex Guarnaschelli agrees with Santos, saying everybody on set is always learning from one another and — most importantly — about themselves. Even home viewers can learn from “Chopped” host Ted Allen, who is known for asking contestants detailed questions in the middle of hectic rounds.

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