BERLIN, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 30: Coca Cola car is seen on November 30, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

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Why Coke Tastes Different In Other Countries
The amount of added sugar, which varies in both type and quantity, is the main distinction between Coke in the United States and other countries. Since different countries have different preferences for how sweet they want their soft drinks to be, the amount of sugar in the drink can vary between countries.
Although the “basic ingredients and process used to make Coca-Cola” is the same everywhere, one reason it tastes different is because of Coke’s franchised bottling. Companies with Coke franchisees receive the Coke concentrate and bottle the drink themselves, therefore the mixing process can differ.
These companies could decide to use less concentrate or substitute high fructose corn syrup with cane sugar, brown sugar, or caramel. Although the components outside the concentrate can change, there are multiple options when comparing the Coke-making process of countries — and even regions within countries.