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Why Costco Stopped Selling Take-And-Bake Pizza
If you’re craving pizza, you can opt for a restaurant pizza, an easy frozen pizza, or the best of both worlds: a fresh take-and-bake pie from the store. However, if you want to grab fresh pizza at Costco without sitting at the food court, you're unfortunately out of luck, since the grocery chain has discontinued its take-and-bake pizzas.
As it turns out, the Costco take-and-bake pizza didn’t quite stand up to the store's food court pizza. One Reddit user wrote, “One is good for kids’ birthdays, feeding folks who helped you move, and for bribing husbands to go to Costco with you. The other you have to bake at home, then throw in the trash because it’s disgusting.”
Consumer opinions may have played a part in the pizzas' demise, but Costco is also not shy about discontinuing items that don’t meet sales goals. Compared to other stores like Walmart, which carries 150,000 items on average, Costco has about 4,000 items on its shelves at any given time, meaning there’s only space for best-sellers.
On the other hand, perhaps Costco has temporarily discontinued the pizzas due to supply chain issues. COVID has disrupted supply cycles for many companies, and inflation has raised the prices of the few supplies that are readily available; we'll have to see if Costco brings back the take-and-bakes in the future.