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Why Cracker Barrel's New Menu Addition Has Fans Seeing Red

Cracker Barrel prides itself on down-home country cooking in generous portions, which often involves large amounts of meat, cheese, butter, and eggs; it's safe to say the restaurant's customer base loves their animal products. This is likely why the chain's new menu item has evoked a bizarre amount of rage and plenty of caps-lock comments from social media users.

Cracker Barrel has added plant-based Impossible sausage as an option for their Build Your Own Homestyle Breakfast offering. The company’s director of Menu Strategy, Sarah Breymaier, said that the addition will "provide a personalized experience with delicious breakfast choices to satisfy every taste bud" — but some fans are angry that the vegan option is an option at all.

"YOU CAN TAKE MY PORK SAUSAGE WHEN YOU PRY IT FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS!!1DON'T TREAD ON MY PORK!!" one netizen commented, even though meat-based sausage is still available on the Cracker Barrel menu. Scores of customers said they'll never eat at the chain again, though other users expressed gratitude for the new menu offering.