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Why Customers Aren't Happy With The McDonald's Pokémon Meals
Since 1979, children have pestered their parents for McDonald's Happy Meal meals in order to obtain the coveted toy inside. In August 2022, McDonald's and "Pokémon" collaborated to create four exclusive cards, but the customers were disappointed to find out that their Happy Meals contained old toys rather than the new cards.
Many customers were disappointed to find basketball toys from the "Space Jam 2" movie promotion instead of the "Pokémon" cards they had expected to find. Other adults who purchased Happy Meals got the specials from last year, like toys from "Scooby-Doo" or "Thor: Love and Thunder."
The new "Pokémon" promotion includes four game cards meant to be played in multiplayer games, a spinner, and a coin. According to Reddit, the mishap happened because the stores did not receive the toy shipments on time, thus waiting a few days to get the cards is your best choice, but try to order yours before the stock runs out.